How does the weather affect the housing market?

How does the weather affect the housing market?
July 20, 2016 Rosie Williams
How does the weather affect the housing market?

With the recent UK heat-wave, we couldn’t help but wonder – how does the weather affect the housing market?

The answer is surprising. Housing prices in general aren’t affected by seasonal changes in weather, however extreme temperatures can make sellers reluctant to list their homes, and buyers reluctant to search. Buyers simply don’t want to go out and look at property in sweltering heat, and like-wise, freezing cold ice and snow.

If you’re looking to sell your property, our best advice is that you’re probably going to get more potential buyers if you list mid-season or in the Spring/Autumn. However, if you decide to sell during peak Summer or Winter, we have some tips for those all-important viewings…

If it’s snowing, it’s advisable to crank up that central heating, perhaps light a fire and freshly bake some bread to make your property seem cosy and appealing during those cold spells. If you choose to sell in summer, make sure your grass and plants are well watered and not dying of thirst! Open some windows to get air flowing throughout the house so it’s not too stuffy.

There is an up-side to selling during the hotter and colder months though. Fewer properties on the market creates a seller’s market. With only a few houses available, buyers are forced to compete over property, often resulting in bidding-wars or paying over the purchase-price in order to bag their dream home.

Now, where’s that pina-colada? We’re heading to the beach before the sun disappears…